Website Objectives

The objective of this website is to provide;

  • An additional online route to SGI-UK and the practice of Nichiren Buddhism in the local area
  • A constant reminder of what a joy it is to practice Nichiren Buddhism as a member of SGI based on the SGI Charter
  • A clear distinction between SGI Nichiren Buddhism and other provisional ‘Buddhist’ teachings
  • A source of inspiration for members and interested individuals based on actual life experiences
  • A point of reference for members of the HQ/Chapters, providing information about meetings, courses and relevant news items
  • A link to official SGI sites and relevant sites of interest
  • An all embracing, non judgemental attitude towards all

It is not and must never become;

  • Somewhere to complain about SGI, the members of SGI or the way things are done in ‘the organisation’
  • A political lobby
  • A forum for promoting personal, non Buddhist interests, provisional teachings or alternative practices

Soka Gakkai’s founding President said,

“All humanity longs for the Mystic Law of enlightenment, the supreme law of life.

If, through our efforts (to prove it’s validity), this Law comes to be easily accessible to all, then people will naturally want to share it’s benefit with others and help lead everyone to unsurpassed happiness”

Tsunesaburo Makiguchi – quote from Art of Living August 2012 p20