My experience of ‘Living by the Gosho’ by Miroslava Photiou

My Experience of “Living By the Gosho”


Those who believe in Lotus Sutra are as if in winter, but winter always turns to spring. Never, from ancient times on, has anyone seen or heard of a believer in the Lotus Sutra who turned into an ordinary person. The sutra reads: ”If there are those who hear the Law,then not a one will fail to attain Buddhahood.

(Winter Always Turns to Spring,WND-1,p.536 ) 

This quotation from Nichiren Daishonin has seen me through my darkest time. It always gave me hope and courage to go on. I am originally from Slovakia but I have been living in the U.K. for twenty-three years. I have a two-year-old daughter and a fantastic husband who is very supportive of my Buddhist practice. I was introduced to Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo about eight years ago. It was the best think that happened in my life. I am really grateful to have this opportunity to share my experience. It is a challenge for me to share anything as I am by nature a shy and fearful person. But I feel that I must share the great transformation that has happened in my life due to this amazing Buddhist practice.

For several years, my husband and I were involved with small property developments both here and in Slovakia, which worked very well for us at that time. However, when the recession started around 2008, we had to reconsider and change our career.

At the beginning of 2012, alongside another person, we invested a large sum of money into a night club in the West End of London. At the same time, we created a company with two directors, me and the business partner. Both with a fifty-fifty split of the investment.

We took responsibility for the day-to-day running of the company and our business partner was responsible for the night club in the evenings, as he had been in the industry for the last twenty -seven years.

Financially and practically it seemed like a very good opportunity. However in the beginning of 2016, we started to have a serious problem with the arrangement, revolving around a dispute with our business partner. This could have resulted in us losing the business or a considerable amount of money.

I felt extremely challenged by everything and everyone. I thought I would lose my business and I felt let down by everyone around me. My other challenge was my little daughter -my first child -a precious treasure. I was unable to enjoy her as I had no time to spent with her.

The situation with my business was taking up all my time. This made me very sad.

I am very dedicated to practising Buddhism regularly, but to resolve this situation I knew I had to make extra effort to chant even more every day. I made fresh determination to fight and create a great victory by December 2016.

It became like a life and death battle for me. I put my whole trust and confidence in the Mystic Law. I Chanted as much as I could and then I would write down all my thoughts that arose from my enlightened Buddha  life-state and use this “Buddha-wisdom” to win over daily situations. I would also try to connect to SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s heart, and only took action after asking myself, “ What would he do in this situation?”

For example, I decide it that I needed a good Solicitor to act on my behalf. The first benefit I had was to find an amazing solicitor to help me win a victory over this unjust situation. I could not believe how perfectly qualified he was to fight my case. I became even more confident of winning. I also told him all about my wonderful Buddhist philosophy and how it was helping me.

We were up against a team of specialised solicitors and their goal was to force me out of the business, and buy out my share at a loss to myself. They tried everything under the sun but were no match for the strength and power of the Mystic Law.

My solicitor, although alone, was more than capable of facing their combined strength. As the case was ongoing, I decide it to focus on my efforts on introducing other people to Buddhism both here in the UK and in Slovakia.

From the time I started to practice Buddhism, one of my hearts desires has been to see a Buddhist centre open one day in a town called Piestany.

I feel that this is an ideal place in Slovakia, as the symbol in the town is a lotus flower and people from all over the world go there for the healing natural spring waters.

To make causes for this, I started to support the pioneering propagation efforts in Slovakia by speaking to my friends about Buddhism. I started going to visit and encourage my friends and organising discussion meetings each month. I also started to supporting the SGI Leaders Antonella and Roberto.

In London too, I started to seriously encourage all my friends and anyone I met.

In the last fifteen months, I have introduced many people and twenty of them are practising now, eleven of whom received Gohonzon in the UK. Four others will receive Gohonzon in Slovakia. So in fifteen months, I enabled fifteen people to start practising Buddhism and receive the Gohonzon.

With even greater joy, I want to share, that my mother is now chanting and has decide it to receive Gohonzon. She was very much against my Buddhist practice when I started, but slowly she saw my transformation and changed her opinion. I believe that all my great efforts in Buddhism created an amazing Victory in my business situation-far bigger than I could ever have imagined.

There was complete turnaround of the situation, which  included numerous apologies from people who had previously criticised me. The business is now growing beyond all expectations.

My biggest realisation is that this whole challenge happened to make me grow, open my eyes and heart to fulfil my mission as a Boddhisatva of the Earth, to move forward to fulfil my dream of a Buddhist centre in Slovakia and to devote my time to Kosen-Rufu activities.

Also I’m so happy and very grateful to report that I can now spend more time with my dearest daughter, who I love very much. We have been able to do many daily activities and also fun-activities-like going to zoo together.

I feel that this experience is my actual proof of basing all my decisions on the Mystic Law and connecting to President Ikeda’s heart.

I’m grateful to all my friends, SGI members and family who have encouraged me.

Miroslava Photiou