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The meeting

1. What is SGI-UK?

SGI-UK is the UK branch of Soka Gakkai International, a socially engaged Buddhist movement based on the teachings of the 13th century Buddhist teacher Nichiren.

At the heart of the philosophy is a concept known as ‘human revolution’, whereby the inner change sparked by Buddhist practice leads to courage, compassion and wisdom, fostering fulfilled individuals with a wish to contribute to creating a better world.

2. What is Generation Hope?

Generation Hope is an event that the Youth Division of SGI-UK are organising to demonstrate the responsibility of youth to transform the world for the better. We want to come together with other young people to make a shared commitment for peace, starting with each one of us taking action to be happy and give hope to others.

3. What are the venues for the event?

Generation Hope is one meeting happening in 3 places simultaneously. On Saturday 17th March, youth across the UK who want to make a positive contribution to the world around them, will gather in 3 locations.

The Bristol event will take place at the Passenger Shed, Station Approach, Bristol, BS1 6QH.

The Manchester event will take place at Manchester Central Convention Complex, Windmill Street, Manchester, M2 3GX.

The London event will take place at the Hammersmith Apollo, 45 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9QH.

Further details about transport and other venue specific information will be sent directly to those attending the event via email, as well as being published on the Generation Hope website

4. What time will the meeting start and finish?

The meeting will start at 13.30 and finish at 16.00. There will be an interval of approx. 40 minutes. Doors to the venues will open earlier, probably at 12.30, although this may be slightly different depending on the venue. Confirmation of the doors opening time, as well as other practical information, will be circulated to attendees in advance of the event via email.

5. What is going to happen at the event?

The event will be a mixture of experiences of practising Buddhism and cultural performances such as music, song and dance. The purpose of the running order we have created is to use a variety of means to demonstrate the power of youth and to give hope to all those who attend. Each venue will have slightly different performances, but the aim of each will be the same.

6. Will there be chanting at the meeting?

There will be no chanting at the meeting, although all the experiences will be faith based. During the meeting, we will transmit the power of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and our Buddhist practice, and explain why we chant.

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7. Who can attend the meeting?

Anyone of youth division age can attend. In planning the event we have focused on 15-25 year olds, but youth who are older than 25 (but still of youth division age) can attend.

For those who are younger than 16, they will need to be accompanied by a parent or other adult responsible for them. Please bear in mind that the event is not aimed at those under the age of 15 years, so it may be a long time for young children in particular to remain seated.

Younger Future Division members (Mimosas, Young Eagles and Rising Phoenix – ages 7-14) will have the opportunity to contribute to the event through taking part in the recording of a new song which will be played at the event. This is the primary way for children of these ages to be involved.

8. Will the meeting be accessible for those with disabilities?

We will be making sure that each venue maximises accessibility for those with disabilities. If you know in advance of a guest having special requirements, please inform your District Champion who will be able to make a note of this when they request tickets.

9. How much are the tickets?

The tickets will be free. If members of SGI-UK would like to support the running of the event financially then we would welcome contributions to the Kosen-rufu Fund.

10. How can I get a ticket?

If you are part of a SGI-UK district, please inform your District Champion how many tickets you want. You will need to provide the names and email addresses of all the guests, including you if you are attending. Please make sure that you get permission from all the people whose email address you are giving to the District Champion. People’s email addresses will only be used for the purpose of communicating about Generation Hope.

11. What if I want to invite a guest that doesn’t live in my district, but who will be attending the same venue as me?

If you know members of the district that your guest lives in and would like to connect them prior to the event, then you are welcome to do so, and they can get their tickets through their local district.

However, in cases where you do not know the district members or which district it is, please get tickets for your guest via your own local District Champion.

12. What if I want to invite a guest, but they will be attending the event at a different venue to me?

As above, if you can connect them to their local district so that they can get tickets that way, then please do so. Otherwise, they should get a ticket via your local District Champion. When your District Champion requests your tickets he/she will be able to say if the venue the guest is attending is different to the one you will be attending.

13. How will non-members who have no connection with SGI-UK get tickets?

Non-members who have no prior connection with SGI-UK will be able to get tickets via the website. We will allocate them tickets from the venue they wish to attend.

All others i.e. members and friends of members, are requested to get their tickets via District Champions.

Men’s and Women’s Division support
14. What can men and women do to support the meeting?

The key way to support is with daimoku, in particular the Monday tozos from 18.00-21.00. We would welcome men’s and women’s daimoku to draw out 10 youth in each district to attend the event. Home visiting current youth division members in the run up to March 17th would also be appreciated.

On the actual day of the event there may be some support required with transport and helping youth to get to the venues. We are also likely to require Guardian, Shop teams and other support from Men’s and Women’s Division. Details of how much help and in what capacity are being discussed now, and are likely to be venue specific. Information about this will be circulated via venue steering teams very soon, but in the meantime, please chant and be ready to respond quickly when called upon!

After the meeting, we know that this is when the work of Men’s and Women’s Division really begins! Many youth (and hopefully others) will be flooding into our districts and they will all require support and encouragement. This is where the strong faith and warm encouragement of the Men’s and Women’s Divisions will be vital. It will then be up to all of us to have joyful vibrant district meetings and to create the kind of district that can support everyone.

15. Can men and women who bring youth also attend the meeting?

Please think about whether you really need to be in the meeting. Our aim is to have 6000 youth, so we want to maximise the number of youth who have tickets for the event. If you are bringing someone under the age of 16 as a parent/guardian then of course you are welcome to attend in order to support that child. Similarly, if you are bringing a youth who doesn’t know anyone else and who wouldn’t want to be on their own, then you are welcome to attend. Hopefully you might have the opportunity to link up your guest to a youth in your district prior to the meeting so that they can look after them during the meeting. 


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