The practice of Nichiren Buddhism is a life changing phenomena – here you can share and read about the experiences of SGI members………….

When your very life is at stake, you struggle with every single ounce of your energy. But the battle against your own karma is even harder than that. Life and faith (in the Gohonzon) are just the same. To think you can get through ‘some way or other’ just because you believe in true Buddhism is not real faith at all.

When you try so hard that the sweat runs off you in streams and you squeeze out wisdom that you didn’t even think you had, then you can make the impossible possible. And that’s the time when the Gohonzon will protect you in every way, shape or form.

P178 The Buddha in Daily Life – Richard Causton quoting Hiroshi Hojo, 4th President of Soka Gakkai as relayed by Marc Bergman


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