Dear friends in faith,
Thank you for attending another Monday tozo towards Generation Hope and our target of 18,000 members by November 18th. We now have only 3 Mondays before March 17th!! 
Each venue is in the midst of busy preparations towards the event, and your daimoku to support them is really appreciated. We would like to now ask for your support in chanting towards a few key things in these final weeks.

1) ALL YOUTH are able to attend the event. Anyone who is currently a member of the Youth Division, or guests who would be in the Youth Division if they were practising are welcome to attend. The event is open to ALL YOUTH, so let’s really encourage all the youth division members and guests in our environment to apply for tickets via their district champions.
2) Requests for tickets are coming in, but there is still a way to go before we reach our target. As of Monday morning we had: 418 confirmed tickets for Apollo, 151 confirmed for Manchester and 109 confirmed for Bristol. Please send your requests for tickets to your district champions, and if you have applied for a ticket, please check your junk mail folder in case the email from Eventbrite to confirm your ticket is in there.
3) Please can we send strong daimoku into the universe for glorious weather to support all those travelling from near and far, and for no accidents or incidents on the day. 
4) I’m going to repeat this because it’s really important!! ALL YOUTH are invited to the event. If they are a member of the Youth Division or would be if they were practising, they need to be there on the day!
Generation Hope is going to be an extraordinary opportunity for people to come into contact with Sensei’s heart. There will be dynamic cultural performances such as live music, dance and spoken word that will help the audience go on a journey that expresses the joy and power of human revolution.
Each venue will have between 5 and 7 inspiring experiences of transformation and actual proof that will show people the effect of our individual battle to become happy and the extraordinary impact of our victories.
We will also have 3 videos – ‘What We Chant and Why’, the Future Division song ‘The Power of Hope’ and ‘Global Network for Peace’.
I am chanting to not have a single regret towards Generation Hope and I am therefore determined to seize every opportunity to invite the youth I know to attend. I hope that you can join me in this determination!
In the New Human Revolution volume 12 Successors chapter, Sensei writes:
Toda had often told them “what matters is whether, at a critical moment, you can rush to the battlefield of kosen-rufu.” The youth now sensed that that moment had come. It might be said that a staunch inner resolve for kosen-rufu reveals itself at a crucial moment.
Let’s make no mistake, our crucial moment is now. Through the power of our Monday daimoku let’s ensure that ALL YOUTH can attend on March 17th and experience for themselves the heart of our mentor and the power of youth. 
Together, let’s make this the year that successive generations in SGI-UK look back on as the turning point for our Kosen-rufu movement. 
Very best wishes,
Takako Yeung
SGI-UK Youth Division Leader

February 1st sees the beginning of our Encouraging Dialogues campaign towards inviting youth to Generation Hope, would like to share some guidance from Sensei on dialogue as encouragement:
“The dialogue carried out by Soka Gakkai members is fueled by a belief in the Buddha nature of all people. Awakening the Buddha nature in others is key to realizing true happiness for ourselves and others. This is because a shared conviction in our and others’ potential for Buddhahood has the power to transcend all differences and become the foundation of shared happiness and shared peace. This is precisely the kind of dialogue that the world so badly needs today.” (NL9710)
Taking two points from an article Sensei wrote in the December 29th Seikyo Shinbun, this February campaign let’s: 
– Stand up as a Bodhisattva of the Earth and break through our limitations!
– Encourage the person in front of us from the depths of our hearts!
With sincere thanks,
Koichi on behalf of Youth Division Generation Hope team

Happy Monday
Thank you to everyone taking part in the Monday night daimoku for Generation Hope. It is making such a difference to the preparation efforts behind the scenes.
And thank you to the district champions all over the UK who have taken on the crucial role of supporting youth from the district to be able to attend Generation Hope.
While we are preparing for a gathering of 6000 young people from all over the UK, our friends in Japan are preparing for a gathering of 600,000 youth from all over the world!! 
On March 11th, around 14:20-14:30 Japan time, there will be Gongyo and daimoku as part of the World General Youth Meeting, and youth from all over the world are invited to join if they wish. For us in the UK it’s 05:30 in the morning – so very early. One of the materials being studied ahead of this meeting is Volume 12 of the Human Revolution which is also in the UK’s study Manual towards March 17th. 
Here is an extract for us to read before/during/after the Monday night daimoku! 
“One morning when Shin’ichi went to his mentor’s room, Toda called out cheerfully from his bed, “Shin’ichi, yesterday I dreamt I went to Mexico.”
            Sitting down beside him, Shin’ichi returned his men­tor’s smile.
            “They were all waiting. Everyone was waiting. They were all seeking Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. I want to go–to travel the world on a journey for kosen-rufu.”
            “Sensei. . . .”
            Shin’ichi keenly understood Toda’s wish. He was sudden­ly overwhelmed with a rush of emotion.
            “Shin’ichi, the world is your challenge; it is your true stage. It is a vast world. There are many peoples, many races. Some nations are democratic and some socialist. And religious beliefs differ from country to country as well. Some do not permit religious propagation. We’ll have to start thinking about how to disseminate the Mystic Law in such places. After all, realizing peace and happiness for humanity is the fundamental aim of Buddhism.”
Human Revolution, Volume 12, Tranquil Light 3
I am determined to support the great success of this gathering of Bodhisattva’s of the earth from all over the world, before we hold our own incredible gathering of 6000 youth in the UK.
I am also looking forward to chanting with many of you this evening!
Thank you
Lisa Cowan
General Youth Leader

Today’s inspiration has been chosen by the wonderful Nia Evans, action chief for Generation Hope Bristol!
Regarding her choice she says, ‘there are so many sections I could have chosen, but I decided to share this one. It’s one of those which I keep returning to and re-reading. I like the simplicity of ‘Belief means to be without doubt’ and ‘belief is a sharp sword’. I can find it difficult to not doubt; as much as I fight it, there’s usually a little voice in the back of my head questioning and doubting. In preparing for Generation Hope, I’ve realised that there is no room for doubt, to win I have to have belief.  It’s about developing my fighting daimoku, absolutely based on faith.’
“In other words, our Daimoku must be based on faith, the spirit to battle darkness or illusion. The Daimoku that the Daishonin spread could be described as ‘fighting Daimoku’.
Illusion manifests in various forms – as doubt, anxiety, earthly desires, and so on. The power to break through illusion is none other than faith or belief. The Daishonin says: “Belief means to be without doubt” (OTT, 54). He also states: “The single word belief is the sharp sword with which one confronts and overcomes fundamental darkness or ignorance” (OTT 119 – 20). Belief is a sharp sword.  Therefore, battling devilish functions must also essentially be an intense struggle against darkness or ignorance. We are combatting devilish forces that obstruct kosen-rufu. This struggle is also fundamentally a struggle against illusion. Confronting various difficulties that occur in life is also in essence a struggle against illusion.
If we should lose our faith or belief in the Mystic Law – that is to say, if we lose the conviction that we can definitely become happy and attain Buddhahood  along with the desire to accomplish Kosen-Rufu  without fail – then we will also be defeated by hardships in life and by obstacles and devilish functions on the path to Kosen-Rufu.” (‘I and my disciples’ – Attaining Buddhahood through Steadfast Faith At the Crucial Moment)
Best wishes
Robert Harrap

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